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Fall Apart

You are the one who gives you second, third, and fourth chances. And while the world will flux and flow around us and exert itself upon us know that you are strong enough, wise enough, and thoughtful enough to understand just how much of that pressure you can take before you start to show cracks. Action is essential and needs to happen within our lives, or we find ourselves stalling out, and everything beyond that point will be harder to accomplish. Sure, you could float through life like a bump on a log but when you look back on everything you have done how are you going to feel? Our time here is but a blip on the timeline of forever. Why should squander that when we have the most amazing of gifts: the ability to start over.

Lost in thought

Ever find yourself staring off into space, and zoning out? Me too. It’s usually when I’ve been thinking about something for an extended period of time that this happens. Often in these times things start to get much more clear and I begin to understand what it is I have been dwelling on. It’s how most of these letters arrive to you each day and how most of my other longer form thought is derived. I do not think I could compose anything longer than a few sentences without this period of slowness and silence. Sometimes I come out of that space with more questions than I had going in, and that’s ok because at least I have some action items to take along with me.

Gone, Gone, Gone.

Time is not a renewable resource for us. From the very moment of our birth, we have been dying and time has been the enormous wave slowly creeping towards the shore, only to crash and dissipate at the end. Before you know it, you will be asking yourself where the days, months, and years went and the answer remains the same. Time was always there; you just took it for granted.

Care for your faith

Having faith requires plenty of care and feeding. I’d instantly be wary of someone who told me that faith didn’t require any effort on the part of an individual. For me, some of this care includes reducing the noise that is my Facebook feed. I’ve been slowly pruning away folks that tend to post things that make me cringe, or generally things that I find offensive (even mildly). Granted I don’t spend a ton of time on Facebook these days but when I do I definitely don’t want to have to scroll by things that make me shake my head.

How is your heart?

Ever since this prayer group has started, and I've started writing again, I've been getting sporadic messages from folks about their prayer life. It has been great to talk to people about prayer and strengthening their relationship with God. The one thing I've started asking people is how their heart is. While I'm a big fan of prayer, it's never enough to just carve out time in the day to pray without knowing what you're feeling in your heart.

Speak to Me Now

As this prayer group winds down and enters its final week the one thing that continues to ring true over all else is that one needs to open their heart to the Lord in order to full start to developer their prayer life. Aimlessly wandering through the motions, not believing or understanding what one is doing will result in endless circles in the desert of spirituality. Growing in prayer is increasing the desire to know Him on a much deeper level. Being present within this moment, accepting His presence, and giving Him full attention is the only way to receiving that special gift of love He wants to share with us.

Get out of your own way

In a recent conversation with a friend, he said: "You have it easy. God is always a constant reminder to be a good human being." While this notion has some semblance of truth, it does not mean that we are all absolved from understanding that we are free thinking people and are the owners of our actions. Having spirituality of any kind is an excellent signpost for how one should live their life, but even if spirituality was absent from one's life, it should be clear that the treatment of people should be done in the same way in which one would want to be treated.


I was listening to a podcast today, and Father James Martin was talking about his vocation story and how when he was working at GE he felt like a square peg in a round hole. That statement sent shivers down my spine. I can't help but feel the same these days.


The majority of my prayer lately has been centered around God's love for us. I look around and see how broken we can be as humans and find myself asking how He could love us even when we turn our backs on Him? Almost immediately I find myself with the feeling of gratitude washing over me. The more I pray on it, the more I am sure that He saved me last year. Much like my father did when I was a child He put his foot down and let me know that He had had enough of my crap.