Happy Holidays

I would like to wish you and your family a joyous holiday season. It is my hope that you can find it in your hearts and minds to slow down even just a little bit and appreciate everything that is around you over the next few days. Observe the smiles, the twinkling of a child’s eye as they open their gifts, and enjoy a hug from a loved one just a couple seconds longer.


Powerful events through our lives tend to move us in ways that we immediately feel and change us for the better. Last night I was able to witness fifty high school aged kids goto confession (some for the first time in 7+ years) and it was beautiful and moving. As I sat there in church watching each of them go up one by one I felt the power of the the Holy Spirit flowing throughout the space. Of course the Holy Spirit is always there but it felt amplified to a great extent.

It's not about the presents

I was out to dinner with my parents, brother and sister-in-law last night and we got to talking about Christmas gifts and what people wanted and the question eventually made it’s way to me (I tried my hardest to dodge it) and the only real thing I could come up with was, nothing. Truth be told Christmas, even when I was a young boy was never about the presents. I always felt a deep desire to just be with my family, friends and loved ones that day. Nothing else mattered to me other than that.


Almost 100 posts and thousands of words later my great summer experiment is coming to a close with this post. In June I challenged myself to write or at least post to this site every single day for 90 days. I went past that day by 9 days and have decided that my post today wrapping it all up will mark a new change in my posting frequency, more on that later.

God didn't promise smooth sailing

From time to time we might find ourselves caught in the storm of life and crying out to God and asking Him why. Truth be told God places trials in front of us to strengthen us and make us concrete in our faith and beliefs. We must be tested in order to realize how deep our faith really goes. So weather the storm my friends. God will be right there with you.