I was listening to a podcast today, and Father James Martin was talking about his vocation story and how when he was working at GE he felt like a square peg in a round hole. That statement sent shivers down my spine. I can't help but feel the same these days.


The majority of my prayer lately has been centered around God's love for us. I look around and see how broken we can be as humans and find myself asking how He could love us even when we turn our backs on Him? Almost immediately I find myself with the feeling of gratitude washing over me. The more I pray on it, the more I am sure that He saved me last year. Much like my father did when I was a child He put his foot down and let me know that He had had enough of my crap.


I feel as if far too many people try to understand God and all of His ways. I genuinely wish that I could just sit down with each and every one of those people and talk to them about the fool's errand that they have embarked on. As Saint Augustine so correctly put it: if one thinks they understand God, it isn't God. What we can do though, is get to know Him on a much deeper level.

It's a long road

The truth is that I don't know where I'm going. But as Thomas Merton so eloquently put it "I believe that the desire to please God does, in fact, please Him." Over the past couple of weeks, I've spoken at length about ensuring that our lives are directed towards pleasing God and living the life that He'd want us to live. If we understand that notion, then we will always be wary of that desire in all that we do, and with the grace of God, we'll always do what he desires of us.


I can distinctly remember times when I was flying so high emotionally that I thought I was over and above any kind of need. How wrong I was! I can also remember times where I didn't think I had anyone to turn to. Wrong again my friends, wrong indeed.

Work in Progress

I've been facilitating a prayer group during Lent at my home parish. It's based around Lectio Divina and strengthening our prayer life. After each hour-long session, I make sure I am available for questions from folks. I've noticed a consistent theme happening during these questions around having to do Lectio or whether or not the way a person currently prays is the right way or not. It's been fascinating to have these conversations, and I'd like to share some general thoughts today.

Muddy Water

How many times have you walked away from a situation, find yourself turning back to try and clear it up and only adding fuel to the fire? Is it because we're humans and we want to make sure everything is ok before we give it our sign-off? Perhaps. I think a lot of us want to believe that we live in this perfectly precious world that we control and where everything is perfectly fine. The sooner you realize that this world doesn't actually exist the better off you'll be.

You can have it all

So you have faith huh? Is that it though? Is that all you need to guarantee your spot in heaven when your time comes? Faith is an excellent first step, but we've got many more on our journey. You see, we need to not only believe in Him but also align our lives to follow Him. You can have it all my friends as long as it's wholly directed down the proper path.