It's not about the presents

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.
— Burton Hillis

Sisters & Brothers,

Hello my dear friends. It’s been quite some time and I’ve decided that for this most amazing season of Advent that I’d write to you all every Monday with some thoughts on the season we find ourselves in.

I was out to dinner with my parents, brother and sister-in-law last night and we got to talking about Christmas gifts and what people wanted and the question eventually made it’s way to me (I tried my hardest to dodge it) and the only real thing I could come up with was, nothing. Truth be told Christmas, even when I was a young boy was never about the presents. I always felt a deep desire to just be with my family, friends and loved ones that day. Nothing else mattered to me other than that. Of course I was appreciative of all the wonderful gifts I received but that was always second to just being surrounded by family. Even to this day I’d much rather spend Christmas with Mom and Dad than open any number of gifts.

This year, more than any other year for me the Advent season is one in which I’ve been looking forward to with great anticipation. The thoughts of rekindling relationships, letting people know how much I appreciate them in my life and just being able to spend a few precious moments with those I count closest to me is at the forefront of my mind. Normally I put the blinders on and try to get through the holidays with as little fan fair as humanly possible but this year something has changed, stirred in me. I want to share the joy that is this season with all of you and let you know how thankful I am that you’re in my life.

I pray for you every single day and you’re all always in my thoughts. Here’s hoping you and your family have a wonderful holiday season. Joy, peace and love from me to you and your family where ever they may be.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash