On Learning.

Sisters & Brothers,

I feel like in order to live our best lives we must never stop learning. It doesn't matter what it is: a new language or just one new thing every day. As long as you're hungry for knowledge you're on your way to living a life that is fulfilled.

For me I've been sinking my teeth into 2 things. Reading philosophy and brushing up on my Italian.

The book I've been working through is the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius (edited by Martin Hammond). For someone really wanting to take the first initial dive into Philosophy this book is perfect. It makes you think differently, gives you a great history lesson and begins to create a wonderful foundation for you to build upon.

The other thing I've been doing for about 30mins a day is becoming much more comfortable with my Italian. To accomplish this I've joined Duolingo. At first I was skeptical of learning a language online and having it gamified but it's great and I've been having a blast. They've found a way to make learning a language feel really easy and within the first few minutes I was already remembering things from the first couple of lessons. If you've been thinking about picking up a new language I'd give Duolingo a try and see what you think. Best of all it's free and while they have a paid service it's definitely not needed.

So what do you do when you feel like you've had your fill of whatever you've been learning? Did you set a goal for yourself at the start (hint: you should have)? If so did you reach the goal yet? A good planner would tell you when you're close to reaching your goal to start thinking of what's next so there is no lag time between goal 1 and goal 2. Breaks are important but if you're a hungry for information kind of human make sure you're planning what's next before you're done with what's current.

The Universe is vast and the sheer amount of things to learn far outweigh our lifetimes. So let's spend some of our time while we're here learning about the things around us. Life is wonderful and knowledge is powerful and if the thought of that doesn't put a smile on your face then I don't know what does.