What if.

What if when we die we wake up?
— Alan Watts

Sisters and Brothers,

How would you live your life right now if you knew that it was all a dream? Would you change anything? How far would you reach beyond where you're at right now? Why aren't you living that life right now? How far would you go until you came back to where you are right now?

Wake up. It's time.

What is life all about my dear friends? I'm not sure we ever know what life is all about until we die. And in that very moment everything opens itself to us. In that very moment that we pass from our earthly selves to our heavenly selves we understand what it was to have lived. And in that moment we experience the beauty that is life in it's fullest.

Are we able to achieve this feeling at all during life? I believe we can get close but only if we surrender. Because in the very moment that we surrender everything up to whatever God you believe in you experience true love and in that moment we experience the real meaning of life, we experience grace and we experience peace.

What if you give up control and just trust in everything much like you trust in your body to continue to sustain you all the time? What if you trusted other people more? Think of how much more time you'd have to fill your lives with meaningful things. Think of how much richer your life would be if you just trusted more.

What if you just sat for a minute each day, closed your eyes and thought about your life in that exact moment. How many of you would be at peace with where you're at? I'd venture to guess hardly any of you. Beyond the material possessions, the money, etc., lie the real valuable things and those things are what makes us rich and poor in the end. The best thing about this state of mind? It's all up to us. No job, no car, no house, no vacation could ever give us true love, peace or grace. This is an unavoidable truth. You might feel a fleeting moment of happiness but it's not real and don't be fooled by it. Understanding this one thing immediately puts you on the path to a better understanding of yourself, your spirit, the world and the universe. Enlightenment if you will.

What if you woke up tomorrow? Would you believe in the push and pull of everything in the universe? Would you accept that life is made up of a few yes moments and far more renunciations? Would you shed those fears and embrace the next step and then the one after that know that you'll be just fine?


Photo by Jonas Weckschmied on Unsplash