On Happiness.

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.
— Thomas Merton

My Sisters & Brothers,

How do we define happiness? I prefer the quote above by Thomas Merton who firmly believes that happiness has an order, a balance, a rhythm and a harmony but isn't a matter of intensity. Is happiness a singular thing? Can you be extremely happy or are you just happy but at more of a high point in the wave that is happiness?

Happiness should move you and others. When you're happy you are a light in the darkness for others in and around our lives that might have been searching for that beacon (whether they knew it or not). Happiness is a gift that should be shared with the world. Don't be selfish with your happiness, tell the world! Be thankful.

We can't be happy 100% of the time and realizing that there is an ebb and flow just like the great oceans is a great step forward in our development as humans and as people who feel. A smile is as important as a frown. Think on this for a minute. Both of these things are great insights into who we are at any given time, they define us right from the start to those around us. How did you define yourself today? I actually don't think happiness is found, rather it appears through acts of kindness and being at peace with our world.

And even in our toughest moments as long as we put one step in front of the other we can always be reminded that everything will be ok. You don't know what tomorrow holds (and neither do I) and that's one of the best and greatest mysteries of this life. And no matter how dark things get there will always be a light in the darkness and happiness will follow. When you've overcome this darkness you're now the beacon for someone else who needs that light in the darkness just as much as you did. When we work with each other and lift each other up amazing things happen. You'll be happy.

I'm moved. What wonderful beings that we are! Sitting here typing this out after a great dinner with two amazing people who grace me with their presence. I'm thankful for the deep conversations, the laughs and smiles that we all shared tonight, it makes me happy. It reminds me that all is well with the world no matter how hard I think it can get. I'm happy.


Photo by JOHN TOWNER on Unsplash