Adventures in Teaching V

I think in this life it’s important to be kind, be thankful, and always be creative.
— Bishop Briggs

Brothers & Sisters,

If we are to believe that slowing our lives down enough to be able to discern things going on around us will always bear fruit why don't we do this more often? Perhaps our busy nature tends to overpower the thought process of simple observations. Today's lesson allowed me to slow my mind down enough to make an interesting observation.

While doing an art assignment this morning, I began to note that the effort put into coloring within the lines, using multiple colors, choosing an intricate design over a simple one all correlated to the effort I've noticed the particular student putting in over the course of the week. An example would be one specific student chose an intricate design to color in but seemed to quickly bore of the assignment and essentially "phone-it-in" for the remainder of the time. I then thought about the work that they were putting in over the week, and it was a direct correlation. I found that this student would often scratch the surface of something striking and then fall away faster than you could swat at a mosquito on a warm summer night. Suffice to say I wasn't shocked after I gave this some thought.

One other student picked one of the designs that weren't too intricate but also wasn't overly simple either. As the coloring went on, I noticed it was impeccably done. This student is quiet enough to not be picked on all the time but sufficiently vocal to be heard when they decided to contribute. As you can probably imagine there was no surprise to me when I observed all of this and put it together.

Everything started to make a lot more sense when I looked at the art compared to their personalities. Those that did the bare minimum all week did the bare minimum today on the art assignment and vice versa. I've never made this kind of correlation before, but the more I think about it this afternoon, the more observations I can make to my days when I was a swim coach.

In conclusion, my brothers and sisters if we take these thoughts I've presented to you and apply them to our daily lives I believe that we might just start to appreciate (at a deeper level) the people around us and active in our lives. We'll learn more, grow as humans together and begin to challenge our own expectations of those around us.


Photo by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist on Unsplash