What is with the ego?

Do you wish to rise? Begin by descending. You plan a tower that will pierce the clouds? Lay first the foundation of humility.
— Saint Augustine

Brothers & Sisters,

What if for a moment you were to place yourself at the bottom of the ladder and everyone else above you? What do you envision might happen? What if you did this same thing each and every hour for the rest of your life but always added a second? You'd eventually get to the point where you would be putting everyone else above you at all times. Now imagine a world in which everyone did this same exact thing. Bliss.

I've never understood the purpose of having an overinflated ego, and this is coming from someone who used to have one. I used to correlate my colossal ego to my level of intelligence and how people would treat me.  Assuming that you are better or holier than someone else never really gets us anywhere and serves only to prop ourselves up in some weird and perverse kind of way. What exactly is in it for us? What does one profit by thinking that they are - dare I say - God's Gift to a particular talent or field? Besides the fact that this person needs a reality check (and fast) I've never been able to solve the equation of what there is to actually gain from this line of thinking.

If then we decide to be listener's first and foremost and thinkers next with speech chasing after we can begin to scatter our bloated ego for something much more sublime. Ego's tend to put artificial blinders on us, and all we can do is see straight ahead to the next thing that we need to conquer. What about the people struggling under your feet and groveling at your sides? Shouldn't you stop for a minute and help them? Perhaps impart some of that sage wisdom on them? Maybe listen to their problems or questions and answer them with the knowledge you've attained. There's a chance you might learn something as well.

For me, the ego is something to be discarded, and humility is something to be gained and experienced. The sooner we realize that we came from the dirt and we'll be placed back into it sooner rather than later I believe we'll all start living better lives. Our life is but a blip on the screen and death is forever, always remember that. If we're to be judged at the end by how we lived our lives, then I want to be humiliated daily. So I can continue to fall closer to the dirt because we cannot rise to a paradise without first descending down to the earth. 


Photo by Macie Jones on Unsplash