Sunday Reflection VIII

Certain emotions just take you to the notes - being furious, heroic, sad, erotic, when rain comes.
— Jeff Buckley

Brothers & Sisters,

Today I got stuck in the rain and while I was initially disappointed my mood quickly turned. All too often we are affected by the present situation and get stuck without taking a second to look around, find the positive and make the best of the situation.

Halfway into my bike ride today it started to rain, and I'm not just talking a light drizzle, this was a hard downpour that forced the person I was riding with and myself under some trees for cover. We were nowhere near our cars and really only had one choice to make, and that was to ride out through the rain. For a while, we camped out under the trees as the puddles grew more substantial and the rain continued to drop buckets all around us. Finally, we decided that we couldn't get any wetter than we were and we should just keep going. 

For me, this was way more profound than I initially thought it was. We spent the next half hour or so kicking around this park, enjoying nature, and for me, I was reveling in the fact that I woke up this morning and was having a blast riding my bike. On my way home, soaked to the bone, I managed to get some thinking in about the decision to go have some more fun instead of just phoning it in like we could have. This was a perfect example of turning a somewhat crummy situation into a sweet one. Applying this situation to everyday life became my ride home self-talk.

Not every day is sunshine and rainbows and while it's okay to take cover under the trees until the storm sometimes passes the rain doesn't pass, and you have to wade into it. What I learned from today is that you can still turn a crummy situation into a good one, but you have to be willing to put the work in. Committing to moving on is merely the first step in a long process of self-discovery, but it's one that'll make you feel great and spur you on to keep achieving those goals.


Photo by John Noonan on Unsplash