Do what you love

You might not make it to the top, but if you are doing what you love, there is much more happiness there than being rich or famous.
— Tony Hawk

Brothers & Sisters,

There are always going to be things that we don't enjoy doing, it's a part of life. Let's call those the chores and put them aside. Now let's talk about the things you choose to do. Do they make you happy on a daily basis? If not, I might ask why you're doing it then. Yes, bills need to get paid, you need to eat, maybe support your family, etc. But are those really excuses to not be doing something you love? I'd argue that the answer is no.

Life is terribly short in the grand scheme of things, and we'd be doing a disservice to ourselves if we spent it without joy in all things. Sure we all find out what we love to do at different stages, but the point still rings true, you should be doing what you enjoy. There's no point in grinding through something that doesn't bring you pleasure and makes you feel as though your soul is being sucked out of you. 

Should you quit your job? If it doesn't bring you joy, then I'd say yes. Make a plan, find out what you love, how to make it work and say goodbye. Spending eight hours a day or more doing something makes you roll your eyes makes no sense to me at all. Stop that. Stop it right now. Ever wake up one morning and just not feel like going to work? That's probably your first clue that it's time to do some soul searching.

I speak with people all too often that feel like they're stuck, but they are standing in a shallow-minded pool and don't want to wade into the deep end because of a fear of the unknown. Get after it, my friends. It makes no sense to pace and back forth with your life. Don't wait until tomorrow, start right now. Can you imagine how many tomorrows never came for some people that just ground through their life? If you're not willing to grab the reigns of understanding and head down another path or at least pray/think/meditate about doing it, then you're doing yourself a massive disservice. It takes guts, there's no doubt about that, but for those that can muster up even the tiniest bit of courage, you'll start seeing some fantastic gains. Always keep pushing the needle forward and you'll end up where you're supposed to be, smiling, happy, and on top of your world.


Photo by Michiel Ronde on Unsplash