Leaves Fall & Grey Days

Lost time is never found again.
— Benjamin Franklin

Brothers & Sisters,

I have always been drawn to autumn. The changing of the leaves, the brisk mornings that are warmed up by the sun, and the grey days where time seems to slow down all put a smile on my face. The changing of the seasons have always been essential marks for me throughout the year. Times to check back on the past few months and consider the next few months. But autumn sits as the most important season for me, and I've begun to wonder why that is.

Nine months have passed, and the turning of summer into fall is a great time to consider what was accomplished throughout the year and what is left to button up. Much like the changing of the leaves, there are some things that I planned to do during the year that I find are now withering and ready to fall into oblivion. This would be the time for me to decide to preserve these plans or allow them to fall. Much like the grey autumn days where time stands still and the chill runs over our skin and leaves a feeling we can't shake quickly so do some of these ideas. Those become the ones that I preserve, and I allow the others to fall off the tree and return to the earth. Maybe they'll turn up next spring and perhaps they won't. I'll never know, and I don't spend time dwelling on them.

Autumn is the ultimate demonstration of the passing of time. In weeks, we are able to see something go from thriving to withering and dying. I think at a very young age I realized this and it made me feel very strongly about the decisions we make throughout the year and how they determine where we're ultimately headed in life. The grey, chilly days become moments of pause for me and that sting you get in your lungs from breathing in the air on those days are perfect wake up calls for me to consider where I am.

The changing of the seasons is an inevitable thing much like the passing of time. We can't ever get them back once they're gone, but we can use that knowledge as a catalyst to do the right things while we're here.


Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash