Maybe for awhile...

Awareness is the greatest agent for change.
— Eckhart Tolle

Brothers & Sisters,

Our lives belong to no one else but us so why do we let so many people run our lives day in and day out? What makes so many people so weak that we lose our self-awareness and allow the opinions and beliefs of others take over our being? I'm not saying that I am impervious to these outside forces but certain we all land on a spectrum somewhere when it comes to being affected by pressures and being aware that we shouldn't be.

What if you decided that you were no longer going to be affected by the people around you exerting influence on you? Would you then start to live in the state of bliss you were always meant to be living within? I'd argue the answer is a resounding yes. For this to happen though, we need to also realize that we cannot be exerting pressure and influence on those around us either. This seeks to further the development of the no-ego being that we've been in search of for so long. If by emptying ourselves of ego we can then start to exist for everything else other than us we can no longer exert influence on those around us. Or can we? Does this great emptying have the opposite effect? What if people observed your happiness and tranquility? Would then they be influenced by you and moved to mimic you and your actions within their lives? Possibly. However, I'd argue that this is an influence that we should and can be ok with as it's nothing but positive.

More on this tomorrow...


Photo by George Hiles on Unsplash