Sunday Reflection X

Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.
— Lao Tzu

Brothers & Sisters,

Yesterday we started to explore awareness in regards to the forces from the people around us that influence our lives. Today we'll explore that notion a bit more and dive into why we care what others think about us. The need and search for acceptance among humans is quite strong. I'd argue that at this present point in time it's easily one of the top things that humanity spends far too much time on. 

We've become obsessed with the notion of making sure we're seen by society as nothing but normal or talented. For me, this is a problem. We've thrown away values we used to hold close and instead adopted temporary fallacies to launch us into the next phase of our lives. Why is this? Have humans always been like this and it's just much more pronounced because we paste ourselves all over the internet and the veil of privacy between our lives and everyone else's is now much thinner?

What if we started to take some of that back? What if we made a conscious effort to not allow most outside influences decide what matters or should matter to us? What would life be like? Would the "good old days" come back? I'm not sure what those were, but sure, I guess it's possible. I think the time has come to start feeling comfortable with putting your foot down about some things and making an effort to decide how the next action you're about to take is going to assist you in continuing to live a good life. And if the answer is that the feeling you're about to have or the stature you're about to obtain is only temporary then maybe you ought to find something else to sink that time and energy into.

More tomorrow as I continue to unpack these thoughts around awareness and action.


Photo by Ryan Stone on Unsplash