Just Write, Draw, Create, etc.

Write something that’s worth fighting over. Because that’s how you change things. That’s how you create art.
— Jeff Goins

Brothers & Sisters,

Let's start with some statistics and get those out of the way.

  • I started writing every single day on June 22nd, 2018
  • Since then between this site and any writing for my classes I've had to do I've written over 150,000 words.
  • 150,000 words work out to nearly 300 pages of your average sized book.
  • Some days are more comfortable than others when it comes to sitting down to write.

So why do I write each and every day of my life? Is it because I have a lot to say? No. I write each day because I've been telling people for years to just start doing what you're passionate or believe in and never really followed up on those words myself. After reading dozens of @jeffgoins tweets about how you should just start writing, I decided that I should do just that. So on June 22nd of this year, I started and haven't stopped since.

This isn't easy, and now I know why so many people quit their 365-day challenges. And although this isn't a 365-day challenge it has the same feel. Some days that I write are bad, like really bad. I finish a letter, read it and say to myself "what is this garbage?" Other days I get really inspired and write a bunch and split it into a few letters over the course of the week. I think if you're going to start writing every day and know that your pool of thoughts and ideas might dry up then you should carry a notebook with you or use a notes app on your phone. Always have it handy to write down little thoughts that you can turn into big things. This also gives you a bank to draw from when you're having a bit of a writer's block.

One of the other things I'd suggest is if you're comfortable with writing about life events, do it. You'll find that writing can be quite therapeutic and perhaps the discussion with family or friends that ensues will also be helpful.

Whatever you want to do, whether it's writing or draw or take photos I'd challenge you to stop talking about it and just start doing it. I know it sounds so cliche and I always thought it was until I embraced that notion and got to work. The days you struggle and get through it will make you stronger and more prepared for the next tough day you have. You'll eventually start to have many more "easy" days and when the hard days hit you'll be ready. I've tried queuing up letters for the week but find that a lot of my experiences throughout each day often form the basis for what I want to write about. Everybody is different when it comes to these things, and one size definitely doesn't fit all. Do what works for you, try things, fail at them, pick yourself back and try something else. You'll find what works this I am sure of.

Just start doing it.


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash