Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.
— Earl Nightingale

Brothers & Sisters,

I converse with quite a few people about goals and dreams they might have and more often than not when the inquiry of why they haven't begun yet comes up the defense is time. I always challenge this argumentation and have kept the above quote in my back pocket for just this very circumstance.

Can you envision what would happen if we took all the 'I'll do it tomorrow's" and actually started making strides today? The time is going to pass whether we like it or not so why wait until tomorrow to get something started or accomplished when you can do it today? Watching TV? Why? Why not tick some things off the list? We're all guilty of the following scenario: we have a list of things a mile long, and we say to ourselves that we'll watch this movie on TV and then get something on the list done. Why not stop yourself next time, pull the list out and find something to get done? It'll make you feel excellent and presumably give you more inspiration to cross some other things off. Our brains work in precisely this way. When we start accomplishing stuff we want to complete even more things. 

Don't ever believe you don't have enough time to begin something. You always have enough time to start. While you might not ever complete, (size and scope might matter here) what's significant is that you took the first step. Sometimes after that first step, we realize we're on a fool's errand. This is when you need to course correct, learn and progress on to the next thing. Failure isn't something to get down on yourself about. Find the good in the bad and move on. This is true for everything in life not just our ideas or dreams.


Photo by Will Turner on Unsplash