People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
— Maya Angelou

Brothers & Sisters,

I have given a significant part of my post-college life cheering on products that I love and strengthening the community around them. Now I find myself wanting to express my elation for my faith and bring people closer to their own beliefs. It seems as if all of the years of practice have culminated in this new experience.

I firmly believe in evangelizing anything demands one to be a beacon that radiates brighter than anything or anyone else. You unquestionably have to embrace your love for what it is you're supporting. There's no room for negativity in your work. The people you're trying to get onboard with you will see right through you if your love isn't genuine. On the other hand, however, people will soak up the positivity you exude, and chances are you'll have a fan for life or at least find someone that is a bit more open-minded.

With that being said your commitment isn't done there. Just because you were able to get someone to come to mass with you or talk about faith at a deeper level doesn't mean you can stroll away. This has to be one of the most overlooked parts of evangelization I've seen in my 15+ years doing this. The notion that your work is done when you've moved the needle for someone or got their foot in the door is a pure fallacy. I'd argue that this is the point where they are most vulnerable. They've gone through acceptance of what it is you were telling them, and now they've decided to take the leap into whatever that next step is. Encourage them, continue to stoke the fire in their hearts, be there to answer questions that might come up, and above all things continue to be positive.

While you're working with people and extending your network challenge the superstars, you run into, have them find someone to bring to mass that might be in the same spot they were at the start of the journey. It's essential that your uber constituents feel just as cherished as your new members. A lot of them also like to assist with initiatives you might have, you just need to identify who your super members are and ask. If they enjoy the product as much as you then they'll want to tell others in their network about it.

All of this begins with you. Join a discussion on social media, talk to fellow co-workers, chat with classmates, and encourage friends. Be enthusiastic about whatever it is you're the cheerleader for. You never know the entire community could be depending on you.


Photo by insung yoon on Unsplash