To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.
— St. Thomas Aquinas

Brothers & Sisters,

Like water on the rocks from the day, we're born until the day we die life is constantly washing over us, wearing us away. Someday none of this will matter. These words, the air you breathe, the songs you love, your friends and family. But they do matter right now and tomorrow and the day after that...

I was eating lunch today looking out the window of the place I was sitting at and I couldn't help but notice the masses of people walking by me. I wondered what each one was thinking, what they were going through and how their experiences in that given moment in time were all completely different. Sure, we could all be walking down the same street but even you a step ahead, behind or beside me are in a different place than I am just inches away.

I wonder what someone gets out of my abstract thoughts especially these on proximity. It occurs to me that sometimes I just have broken fragments of ideas running through my head that I type and leave for you. Is that ok? Does that spark thought? There are often times I write these letters and find myself going back to them to continue the loop or close it on thoughts that I've had. Many times though I just find more layers of the onion to peel back and explore some more. For someone who likes to think deeply about things, I think life, love, faith, God, purpose, and happiness can be subjects that can be looked into endlessly. 


Photo by Jake Anderson on Unsplash