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The longest mile

Keeping with the theme from the past few posts about empowering yourself I’ve been thinking about what it means to go the extra mile whether in our personal or professional lives. The above quote speaks volumes to me as I feel like there aren’t enough people who decide to take that extra step in whatever it is that they’re doing. Perhaps they think about it but something draws them away from jumping over the wall and going for it. I wonder why that is. Are you scared of the unknown? I’d make the argument that we venture into the unknown all the time, but a lot of the time it’s in such small fractions that you don’t even realize it. The times where it’s a big jump into the deep end is where we often stop and back away from the edge.

You can move mountains

There’s something so special and powerful about the human brain. It’s also scary as all get out. The fact that our brains rule over us with so much force is astounding if you think about it. Though, we can control it and when we learn how we can move mountains. It’s such a powerful tool that in the right hands one can unlock the world that’s been in front of them. How many of you go through the day being fine with where you are in life and not truly considering how much greater you could be?

Sunday Reflection XIII

Whenever I take a Philosophy class and we get to the unit on Aristotle my entire body cringes. It’s not that I dislike the man in any way it’s just that for whatever reason it doesn’t speak to me and doesn’t interest me in any way shape or form. I’ve come to terms with that and understand that for the entire unit on Aristotle I’m just going to scrape by.


I’ve been thinking a lot about the things I say and do. Before taking any action I’ve been asking myself is this benefiting me in any way before others. And if the answer is yes then I approach with great caution. The same can be said for when I’m replying to someone. If that reply is just a bunch of selfish “me” talk then I generally try and find another way to reply that removes me (or my ego) from the thread. After all, most of these things aren’t actually ever about you and much more often are pointed towards a group or other person.

On Living

Every so often a priest by the name of Father Hunt celebrates morning mass at my church. He’s retired, and doesn’t get around all that well but clearly loves being at mass and celebrating it for all of us. He always seems to have a smile on his face and the morning homilies are wonderful. So why am I telling you this? Here’s a man who has spent his entire life serving others and even in retirement still finds joy in that. That’s the life I want to live.