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Crucify Him

Why would anyone choose the mob? Because it is an easy way out. It’s for the person that doesn’t want to make an effort in their life. It is for the person that is entirely content with being absolutely ordinary. We have become so obsessed with latching onto the latest news bite, tweet, Facebook post, Youtube video, etc., that we forget what our real purpose is on this mortal plane.

My Faith

I was thinking today about why it is that I believe in God, have the faith that I do, find myself on the path I am on, and how I am ok with all of this. In a society that is growing further away from their faith how am I allowing myself to be drawn closer? When I was a kid I might have only believed in God because that is what I was told to do, the example I was following, and just another right of passage as a Catholic, in other words, it was just something I felt like I had to do because of those that came before me. I never really understood why or comprehended how Jesus worked through my life. Perhaps I was blind, or ignorant to His great works but it didn’t click.

Work in Progress

I've been facilitating a prayer group during Lent at my home parish. It's based around Lectio Divina and strengthening our prayer life. After each hour-long session, I make sure I am available for questions from folks. I've noticed a consistent theme happening during these questions around having to do Lectio or whether or not the way a person currently prays is the right way or not. It's been fascinating to have these conversations, and I'd like to share some general thoughts today.

You can have it all

So you have faith huh? Is that it though? Is that all you need to guarantee your spot in heaven when your time comes? Faith is an excellent first step, but we've got many more on our journey. You see, we need to not only believe in Him but also align our lives to follow Him. You can have it all my friends as long as it's wholly directed down the proper path.


I ponder the passion of Christ quite often. From praying in the garden of Gethsemane, his betrayal by Judas, his own disciples denying him, his arrest, trial, beatings and finally death on the cross. I tend to get caught up on one of the aspects and find myself meditating on it for days on end. Lately, I've been contemplating Jesus' betrayal by Judas.


I’ve been searching for a long time to figure out why I walked away from my faith so many years ago and it’s only become clear to me recently that I was impatient with God not answering my prayers. So I did what so many of us do when someone isn’t there for us, I walked away. I can remember clearly thinking about how I could feel called to be a priest and yet have so many prayers go unanswered. Why should I put the work in if He wasn’t as well?

Let's talk about Spirituality

Believing in some higher power other than God doesn't exclude you from being spiritual. However, I firmly believe that there are two levels of spirituality; Cafeteria Spirituality and Actual Spirituality. Belonging to one camp over the other doesn't make someone more holy than the other, but those who have a grasp of genuine spirituality live a life that is far more full with love, hope, and compassion than those who merely call themselves spiritual. Perhaps this could be construed as a controversial statement so let us discuss this a bit further.

Stop and smell the roses, really.

I've always been the person that would go on walks throughout nature, stop randomly and ponder the beauty of everything around me. The flowers, the trees, the ants and their mystical dance, I could go on and on. The point I'm trying to make is I've always acknowledged the beauty of things around me, and I just wasn't sure what I was appreciating (or who). At least this was the case until recently.


I've always lived a contemplative life, I just never realized it. I love the quiet that is found in contemplation. It draws me much closer to God and strengthens my relationship with him. I know what you're asking, surely I can't do this every morning and every night right? I try. There are some days I struggle through 30 minutes and other days where an hour is actually two or more. This keeps me humble and knowing that not every day can be perfect and that's okay.