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I feel as if far too many people try to understand God and all of His ways. I genuinely wish that I could just sit down with each and every one of those people and talk to them about the fool's errand that they have embarked on. As Saint Augustine so correctly put it: if one thinks they understand God, it isn't God. What we can do though, is get to know Him on a much deeper level.

Coming Around

The truth is I've had to fall back in love with Catholicism. Having already done this 8 months ago the past week or so has been a bit of a trying time for me. But somewhere deep down I knew I'd get through it, and my faith would be bolstered. I questioned a lot of things over the past few days. My faith, my calling, priests I know and trust, priests I look up to, etc. Today I started to come around and really grasp the reality that my church will persevere and will be here long after I'm gone.

Passages: St. Augustine

Over the past 8 months, I've reflected quite a bit on my relationship with God, why I walked away from my faith 18 years ago, and why every day I tried to push the call to a priestly vocation to the back of my head. One of the answers that continues to present itself is that I wasn't willing to let God into my heart entirely and love Him unconditionally.

Rethink your Approach

I was having a conversation with a friend recently who expressed the dread of having to speak with his superior at work. The gist of it was that his superior was a royal pain the butt, know it all who valued his own opinion more than anyone else's on his team. Sounds tough right? I am sure we've all had this kind of person in our life at some point or another. It's not easy, probably makes our skin crawl when presented with the challenge of speaking with this person and I think our predisposition is to go headlong into the bear trap without stopping first.