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Tear me down? That's a good one.

Words can have a fantastic impact for good or bad. That has to be the most cliche opening sentence that currently exists on this website. However, it needs to be said and understood by those who enjoy challenging others for their beliefs. The question at the end of the day will remain: what benefit is there to receive from these challenges?

Faith & Insistence

Over the past few days, it seems as if some of the feeds on the various social networks I belong to have been peppered with 'nones' trying to convince others or lure them into an ill-fated debate on why God doesn't exist. I say ill-fated here because there's absolutely no way of getting these folks off their pedestals and from the outset it just appears it's a way to provoke and not have a thoughtful discussion on what is just a difference in beliefs.

Let's talk about Spirituality

Believing in some higher power other than God doesn't exclude you from being spiritual. However, I firmly believe that there are two levels of spirituality; Cafeteria Spirituality and Actual Spirituality. Belonging to one camp over the other doesn't make someone more holy than the other, but those who have a grasp of genuine spirituality live a life that is far more full with love, hope, and compassion than those who merely call themselves spiritual. Perhaps this could be construed as a controversial statement so let us discuss this a bit further.