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Rethink your Approach

I was having a conversation with a friend recently who expressed the dread of having to speak with his superior at work. The gist of it was that his superior was a royal pain the butt, know it all who valued his own opinion more than anyone else's on his team. Sounds tough right? I am sure we've all had this kind of person in our life at some point or another. It's not easy, probably makes our skin crawl when presented with the challenge of speaking with this person and I think our predisposition is to go headlong into the bear trap without stopping first.

Your Purpose is Important.

Long ago I made a promise to myself that any job I had at the time if I ever woke up, was unhappy with the prospect of going to that particular job, I'd walk in and tender my resignation to my boss that day. Bold? Perhaps. However, my happiness has always been a major pillar of my life although previous posts would have you believe otherwise.  Trust me when I say that even at my saltiest I still desired to be happy if even in the slightest bit.