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Crucify Him

Why would anyone choose the mob? Because it is an easy way out. It’s for the person that doesn’t want to make an effort in their life. It is for the person that is entirely content with being absolutely ordinary. We have become so obsessed with latching onto the latest news bite, tweet, Facebook post, Youtube video, etc., that we forget what our real purpose is on this mortal plane.

Get out of your own way

In a recent conversation with a friend, he said: "You have it easy. God is always a constant reminder to be a good human being." While this notion has some semblance of truth, it does not mean that we are all absolved from understanding that we are free thinking people and are the owners of our actions. Having spirituality of any kind is an excellent signpost for how one should live their life, but even if spirituality was absent from one's life, it should be clear that the treatment of people should be done in the same way in which one would want to be treated.

3 Minutes

Take 3 minutes out of your busy day and listen to the always wonderful Alan Watts talk about choice and making decisions. I truly enjoy the way Mr. Watts speaks to his audience. It’s down to earth, makes sense, comedic and intelligent. So treat yourself to 3 minutes that might change how you view the way you make choices every day.

Decisions always need to be made

How many decisions do you think humans make on a daily basis? Hundreds right? Many without thinking but some require much more thought, questioning, and preparation. On this, I think we can agree. How many renunciations do you think someone makes on a daily basis? For each decision made how many other paths aren't taken? I've been thinking about this for months and months, ever since I read Ronald Rohleiser's book: The Holy Longing.