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On a chilly night precisely one year ago I arrived in Virginia not knowing what the next few days were going to mean nor was I expecting anything. All I knew is that one of my most favorite human beings offered me a place to stay in his home and a little help in restoring my faith. That man, now counted among my heroes, heard my very long confession (it had been 18 years!) and celebrated the holy sacrifice of the mass for me. I felt welcomed, loved, and ready to listen to this voice in my heart. What I would experience over the next few days was nothing short of amazing, and for that, I am forever grateful to you, Father Mike.


I have given a significant part of my post-college life cheering on products that I love and strengthening the community around them. Now I find myself wanting to express my elation for my faith and bring people closer to their own beliefs. It seems as if all of the years of practice have culminated in this new experience.

Can we talk?

Our community needs to be protected, taught, loved and shown the extraordinary love that God has for us and we can't do any of that if they don't trust the leaders of the church. It disgusts me that sex abuse and cover-ups happened and I think about it all the time, but I do believe that we can look to those that are doing good in the church as examples of what we can rest our faith upon.

Let's talk about Spirituality

Believing in some higher power other than God doesn't exclude you from being spiritual. However, I firmly believe that there are two levels of spirituality; Cafeteria Spirituality and Actual Spirituality. Belonging to one camp over the other doesn't make someone more holy than the other, but those who have a grasp of genuine spirituality live a life that is far more full with love, hope, and compassion than those who merely call themselves spiritual. Perhaps this could be construed as a controversial statement so let us discuss this a bit further.