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It should come as no surprise (if you read anything here) that at my very core I am a spiritual, God-loving human being. So then it should come as no surprise to you when I tell you that vast swaths of my day and night when I'm able to are spent in silence, in my chair having conversations with God. I've prayed for quite some time on how exactly to express what this is like and what it feels like and the word that keeps coming to mind is: home.

Sunday Reflection VII

If we are to believe that humans at their very core are meant to be good then what makes people do evil? Is it the social constructs that surround them? If so would it not be easy for one to instruct them to remove themselves from said constructs? Are humans born with an evil seed within them that is waiting to grow? If so how can we at the very depths of our being have a good human nature?

Tear me down? That's a good one.

Words can have a fantastic impact for good or bad. That has to be the most cliche opening sentence that currently exists on this website. However, it needs to be said and understood by those who enjoy challenging others for their beliefs. The question at the end of the day will remain: what benefit is there to receive from these challenges?

Adventures in Teaching II

I continue to be amazed at the questions that are asked and the capacity of the class to answer the questions that their classmates bring up. One of the purposes for today was to make sure that we listen to each other, appreciate what is being shared and formulate an opinion to share about the thought.

Rethink your Approach

I was having a conversation with a friend recently who expressed the dread of having to speak with his superior at work. The gist of it was that his superior was a royal pain the butt, know it all who valued his own opinion more than anyone else's on his team. Sounds tough right? I am sure we've all had this kind of person in our life at some point or another. It's not easy, probably makes our skin crawl when presented with the challenge of speaking with this person and I think our predisposition is to go headlong into the bear trap without stopping first.