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When the inevitable time comes in which we are to say goodbye I'll take the memory of you along with me. And when I feel like all the air has been taken from my breath, I'll find you in the deepest recesses of my heart waiting for this very moment to comfort me. The truth is I can't imagine a life without you, but I know it will someday be a reality. And as time passes and the memories of your face become more distant, I'll try and hold on tight knowing that it's fruitless for me to do so.

Well Met

People say the moment we die our entire life flashes before us in an instant. Then and there we are reminded of all that we have done and all that we have failed to do. Whether you were ready for it or not your death is assured and more often than not will come as a surprise. With that in mind, I'd like to ask you how ready are you to meet that end?

The Voyage

I get together with a dear friend each week for (at least) dinner and last night as we were eating the idea of knowing when you were going to die came up. Specifically two things, the first being if you could see when you were going to die would you want to know and secondly would anything in your life change by suddenly knowing that date.


I'm grateful that you were in my life and gave me a chance. If I blew that chance and hurt you I'm forever sorry and hope that when we meet again you'll forgive me. If I made you smile you should know that seeing your smile made my one hundred times happier.

And when you're thinking of me know that I'm always with you walking alongside you through the thick and thin. Don't cry because I'm not here anymore, because I still am. Remember all of the times, not just the good but also remember how we got through the rough times. For it is all the times that made up our time together and that's what is important.

Escaping the Darkness

Life wasn't always the way it is now. I'd like to debunk the myth that I'm living in some glorious state of bliss. Am I happy? Yes, without a doubt. Have I always been happy? Not even close. I've had some fairly dark times in my life (I think we all have) and there were also some days that I felt like I was breaking under the crush of the endless waves of guilt, loneliness, dread, questions and sadness. I'd be lying if I said I didn't consider calling it a life.