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Decisions always need to be made

How many decisions do you think humans make on a daily basis? Hundreds right? Many without thinking but some require much more thought, questioning, and preparation. On this, I think we can agree. How many renunciations do you think someone makes on a daily basis? For each decision made how many other paths aren't taken? I've been thinking about this for months and months, ever since I read Ronald Rohleiser's book: The Holy Longing.

Adventures in Teaching VI

There transpired moments today that I felt like I was pushing Jell-O up a hill. In other words, we were getting nowhere, and the discussions that were supposed to happen in my head weren't. This forced me to dig deep, hunker down and pivot to a new approach to get this bunch of seventh-graders to wake up from their weekend slumber and participate. I learned a lesson quickly today that you never know what each day is going to bring and as a teacher if you're unable to pivot into something that gets your class going problems are going to arise.