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I firmly believe that if you cannot think of others in the actions that you take daily, then you are no better off than the rock you see sitting on the side of the road ready to be swept away or kicked a few feet down the street by some passerby. That notion might sound harsh but give it some thought for a minute. The idea that nothing or no-one else matters, but yourself is one that I, to this very day, cannot comprehend.


I’ve been thinking a lot about the things I say and do. Before taking any action I’ve been asking myself is this benefiting me in any way before others. And if the answer is yes then I approach with great caution. The same can be said for when I’m replying to someone. If that reply is just a bunch of selfish “me” talk then I generally try and find another way to reply that removes me (or my ego) from the thread. After all, most of these things aren’t actually ever about you and much more often are pointed towards a group or other person.

Sunday Reflection VI

If you keep up with my daily letters, you most likely have noticed a theme towards the end of the week that revolves around ego. I'd like to visit that a bit today and make it a part of your challenge and something to meditate on this coming week. What if I were to tell you that the larger your ego becomes, the emptier you become. Why do we have this desire to fill ourselves up with all of these things that we can never take with us when we die? Why do we have a need to know everything and anything?

What is with the ego?

What if for a moment you were to place yourself at the bottom of the ladder and everyone else above you? What do you envision might happen? What if you did this same thing each and every hour for the rest of your life but always added a second? You'd eventually get to the point where you would be putting everyone else above you at all times. Now imagine a world in which everyone did this same exact thing. Bliss.


Whether you believe in God or not I challenge you to turn down your ego and allow humility to reign throughout your life, think before you speak, question before you act and love before you hate. For if we do even one of these things the effect will be a ripple across this universe that will plant the seed that is love and as long as we cultivate it we'll be able to benefit from all the fruits it will bear.