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Actions are deafening, words are not.

"I'm better now" is a common phrase one might say after they've committed a wrong and have lived through whatever punishment they've had to endure. Unfortunately, I don't believe that it is their place to say something like this. For me, it's trying to over commit to the notion that the person has been reformed. It's not up to you to tell me you're a better person now. Your actions and words from here on out will convince me of such things.

Heaven, Hell & Judgements

At the essence of our very being, we should desire to live a good life. Allowing hate into our lives and growing the seed of iniquity in our hearts will 'poison the well.' I believe that no one actually decides to live a life filled with hate. I do speculate though that those whose lives that we would recognize as less than good have allowed themselves to adopt the cold shadow of evil that accompanies us everywhere and is always looking for an opportunity to wedge its way into our lives.