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Today was one of those rare days in which you’re met with blessings around every corner. For me, at the end of these days when everything seems to fall into place perfectly, I often take the time to sit back and reflect and give thanks for all that this day has been. See the thing is some of you might not even know the effect you have on my life much like I do not see the impact I might have on yours. That’s a beautiful mystery that I ponder quite a bit. The idea of how we affect people daily has been a theme on this site quite a bit throughout the past year.

I want you to be extraordinary

I've been thinking about this post all day, attempting to unwrap my thoughts and present something that isn't a complete mashup of stuff to you my dear readers. It should come as no surprise to you that I'm probably the biggest cheerleader you never knew you had in your life. But for argument's sake let's break this down a bit more.

Sunday Reflection II

After we've started to understand that we need to forgive in order to really move on from when someone has wronged us the next decision if they're a person who was present in our lives is ultimately whether or not this person gets a second chance to continue to be present in our life. One thing is certain and we should get this out of the way right now, it is impossible to give someone a real second chance without forgiving them.