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I can distinctly remember times when I was flying so high emotionally that I thought I was over and above any kind of need. How wrong I was! I can also remember times where I didn't think I had anyone to turn to. Wrong again my friends, wrong indeed.


It should come as no surprise to anyone who reads this site regularly that the most prominent pillar for me is to live a good life. I think for many people this might come off as far too simple of a concept and from the outset, you wouldn't be wrong.  But if we peel back the layers of what living a good life actually means you'll quickly realize that it's much more complicated than it seems.


Whether you believe in God or not I challenge you to turn down your ego and allow humility to reign throughout your life, think before you speak, question before you act and love before you hate. For if we do even one of these things the effect will be a ripple across this universe that will plant the seed that is love and as long as we cultivate it we'll be able to benefit from all the fruits it will bear.