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Love not Hate

I’m often asked if people treat me differently now than they had in the past. It’s not as clear as that if I am honest. Some people that were in my life decided to see me as this person that has suddenly become “weird for Jesus” and have become withdrawn, I pray for them every day.


The reality is we're all given many gifts when we enter this world and one of them is the gift of choice. I woulda argue that there is nothing more important than choice when you've failed at something. Here and now you're given the opportunity to turn that failure into something positive or just sit there and feel sorry for yourself. I'll give you a hint: you shouldn't be doing the latter.


It should come as no surprise to anyone who reads this site regularly that the most prominent pillar for me is to live a good life. I think for many people this might come off as far too simple of a concept and from the outset, you wouldn't be wrong.  But if we peel back the layers of what living a good life actually means you'll quickly realize that it's much more complicated than it seems.