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Finding Joy

What emotion besides joy has such a range? From smiling to crying through that smile, there are no boundaries to this beautiful emotion. Why then do we lack joy in our world? I've argued in the past that it is far more difficult to be angry and stay that way than just be a happy person that seeks to find the good in the bad at all times.


Whether you believe in God or not I challenge you to turn down your ego and allow humility to reign throughout your life, think before you speak, question before you act and love before you hate. For if we do even one of these things the effect will be a ripple across this universe that will plant the seed that is love and as long as we cultivate it we'll be able to benefit from all the fruits it will bear.

On Happiness.

Happiness should move you and others. When you're happy you are a light in the darkness for others in and around our lives that might have been searching for that beacon (whether they knew it or not). Happiness is a gift that should be shared with the world. Don't be selfish with your happiness, tell the world! Be thankful.