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Moving On

I've spent the last couple of days fairly angry at my church. I've buried myself in my work even more than I normally do to keep my mind off of what happened Tuesday. I probably would have moved on much sooner than today had someone not felt it was right to text me that I should enter the seminary because I'll become like one of the priests in Pennsylvania. I was at a loss and couldn't figure out what would make someone say something like and think that it is ok to do so? So I lost a person in my life that night but quite frankly they probably didn't deserve to be there anyway.


Don't ever believe you don't have enough time to begin something. You always have enough time to start. While you might not ever complete, (size and scope might matter here) what's significant is that you took the first step. Sometimes after that first step, we realize we're on a fool's errand. This is when you need to course correct, learn and progress on to the next thing. Failure isn't something to get down on yourself about. Find the good in the bad and move on. This is true for everything in life not just our ideas or dreams.