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Love not Hate

I’m often asked if people treat me differently now than they had in the past. It’s not as clear as that if I am honest. Some people that were in my life decided to see me as this person that has suddenly become “weird for Jesus” and have become withdrawn, I pray for them every day.

It's not about the presents

I was out to dinner with my parents, brother and sister-in-law last night and we got to talking about Christmas gifts and what people wanted and the question eventually made it’s way to me (I tried my hardest to dodge it) and the only real thing I could come up with was, nothing. Truth be told Christmas, even when I was a young boy was never about the presents. I always felt a deep desire to just be with my family, friends and loved ones that day. Nothing else mattered to me other than that.

On Living

Every so often a priest by the name of Father Hunt celebrates morning mass at my church. He’s retired, and doesn’t get around all that well but clearly loves being at mass and celebrating it for all of us. He always seems to have a smile on his face and the morning homilies are wonderful. So why am I telling you this? Here’s a man who has spent his entire life serving others and even in retirement still finds joy in that. That’s the life I want to live.

Do what you love

There are always going to be things that we don't enjoy doing, it's a part of life. Let's call those the chores and put them aside. Now let's talk about the things you choose to do. Do they make you happy on a daily basis? If not, I might ask why you're doing it then. Yes, bills need to get paid, you need to eat, maybe support your family, etc. But are those really excuses to not be doing something you love? I'd argue that the answer is no.


It should come as no surprise to anyone who reads this site regularly that the most prominent pillar for me is to live a good life. I think for many people this might come off as far too simple of a concept and from the outset, you wouldn't be wrong.  But if we peel back the layers of what living a good life actually means you'll quickly realize that it's much more complicated than it seems.

Finding Joy

What emotion besides joy has such a range? From smiling to crying through that smile, there are no boundaries to this beautiful emotion. Why then do we lack joy in our world? I've argued in the past that it is far more difficult to be angry and stay that way than just be a happy person that seeks to find the good in the bad at all times.