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As we enter into this night and the Last Supper I cannot help but think about what was going through Jesus’ mind during these final hours of his life. Here is a man who knew he was about to be betrayed by one of his closest, and denied by another. Here is a man who had to see that he was going to die on the cross alone, shouldering the sins and burdens of the world and giving himself up for all of us. How can we take that single act of sacrifice and apply it to our own lives?


With all of this discussion about being a good human being and taking a moment before you venture forth into the darkness of the next moment how many of us actually follow through with it? Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed and might not ever come but if you can glance at your day and where you are right now smile and being appeased with how things turned out then you’re a majority of the way there.


Arguments are one of the most uncomfortable places that come with my job as a manager. In the past, I used to take the napalm, burn it all down approach. As it turns out that approach does not work for anyone involved and never ends up in any conclusions. With that being said these days I try to let the facts speak for themselves and make every attempt to avoid conflict as much as I possibly can.

Thoughts on handling anxiety

I've always been fascinated with how we manage events in our lives when we know what's coming. The levels of anxiety that arise within us as we approach the deadline of whatever it is that we're about to be thrust into captivate me. I've always felt that humans could be better at managing their anxiety by coming to grips with their situation faster.

Adventures in Teaching III & IV

Whether it is a group of college-aged students, adults or middle-schoolers even attempting to think the scales of knowledge tip mostly towards the professor would be an incorrect assessment. While the teacher might hold a specific greater knowledge about the particular lesson that is taught the students possess knowledge about a slew of other things that perhaps might prove invaluable. Therefore the proctor should never hold themselves in too high of esteem as to not be able to listen to the crowd of voices and the knowledge it contains. An open mind can usually correlate a classroom lesson to a happening in life where an equal or greater lesson was also learned.