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Love not Hate

I’m often asked if people treat me differently now than they had in the past. It’s not as clear as that if I am honest. Some people that were in my life decided to see me as this person that has suddenly become “weird for Jesus” and have become withdrawn, I pray for them every day.

Lift up your neighbors

Even if you don't believe in God I believe that we are all called to help our fellow neighbor in their times of need. The term "I'd give you the shirt off my back" is a great testament to this thought. How many of us actually live by that notion? How many of us say to someone "whatever you need let me know" and don't actually mean it? So if you don't mean it are you just stroking your ego to feel good about yourself or feel like you said the right thing?


I used to hold grudges, walk around mad at someone or a group of people who I felt wronged me, was poking fun at me, etc. I look back on it now and realize that it was all for nought. These days I take a much different approach. I had this lightning bolt moment a few weeks ago with the recurring theme of if Jesus forgives everything I do why shouldn't I forgive everything someone does against me? Who am I not to forgive? Who are we not to forgive? By not forgiving our neighbors for what they do are we proclaiming that we are somehow above the Lord in this regard? That's the third rail of religion for me friends (touch it and you die) and I'm not going there.