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Muddy Water

How many times have you walked away from a situation, find yourself turning back to try and clear it up and only adding fuel to the fire? Is it because we're humans and we want to make sure everything is ok before we give it our sign-off? Perhaps. I think a lot of us want to believe that we live in this perfectly precious world that we control and where everything is perfectly fine. The sooner you realize that this world doesn't actually exist the better off you'll be.


Stop for a moment and think about the times you wanted to do something perfectly and failed at it. How frustrated did you get? What was the outcome? Did you settle for the imperfect thing? When did you realize that perfection is merely a notion in our minds and not the reality in which we live? Perhaps you haven't realized that yet.

Living with Mistakes

Perfection. The existence of this word is perplexing and has vexed humans forever. Why should such a word exist when it is never attainable by humans? We are at our core flawed in every way and will never be the perfection that so many people strive to be.