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Sunday Reflection VI

If you keep up with my daily letters, you most likely have noticed a theme towards the end of the week that revolves around ego. I'd like to visit that a bit today and make it a part of your challenge and something to meditate on this coming week. What if I were to tell you that the larger your ego becomes, the emptier you become. Why do we have this desire to fill ourselves up with all of these things that we can never take with us when we die? Why do we have a need to know everything and anything?

Sunday Reflection V

As we lurch into these summer doldrums and for some of us the grips of boredom set in let us not dip our toes into the pools of complacency but instead we should seek to energize our spirits. Too many of us swim through each day with blinders on and not slowing down enough to take in the things around us. After what I would consider a problematic week I found myself this past Saturday contemplating a way to move the improvement needle for myself this coming week. I sat down and meditated on what made this week particularly harsh and the one thing that rose to the surface every time was that I was going so fast I didn't stop to appreciate the things around me.

Sunday Reflection I

I do believe that if we aren't open to witnessing the power of God in our daily lives then we never will. But for those that know that those graces do exist it's a wonderful thing when they happen. God certainly does work in mysterious ways and I've been fortunate enough to witness them first hand over the course of this past week. I'm grateful and I only hope that I can pass on something good to all of you now or in the future.