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Consider for a Moment

I would like to think that as we progress in life and enter the later stages of it, we begin to look back on how we lived our lives. Whether you want to admit it or not I would also venture to guess that we think of how we are going to be remembered. It is hard not to. I do not believe you can think of your past without considering how it is going to affect the future, even a future that does not include you within it.

Care for your faith

Having faith requires plenty of care and feeding. I’d instantly be wary of someone who told me that faith didn’t require any effort on the part of an individual. For me, some of this care includes reducing the noise that is my Facebook feed. I’ve been slowly pruning away folks that tend to post things that make me cringe, or generally things that I find offensive (even mildly). Granted I don’t spend a ton of time on Facebook these days but when I do I definitely don’t want to have to scroll by things that make me shake my head.


Today was one of those rare days in which you’re met with blessings around every corner. For me, at the end of these days when everything seems to fall into place perfectly, I often take the time to sit back and reflect and give thanks for all that this day has been. See the thing is some of you might not even know the effect you have on my life much like I do not see the impact I might have on yours. That’s a beautiful mystery that I ponder quite a bit. The idea of how we affect people daily has been a theme on this site quite a bit throughout the past year.


As we journey through this first week of Lent, I'd like to take a moment and reflect on the emotional thread that runs through our lives and everything we do. The thing is we tiptoe down this delicate strand and forces all around us push one way or another, so much so that falling is inevitable. So many of us try to throw our balance the other way, talk back, do and say things we don't mean to try and tip the scales, so we don't fall. It rarely ever works, and the fall is often much more painful that it would have been at the outset.

Passages: St. Augustine

Over the past 8 months, I've reflected quite a bit on my relationship with God, why I walked away from my faith 18 years ago, and why every day I tried to push the call to a priestly vocation to the back of my head. One of the answers that continues to present itself is that I wasn't willing to let God into my heart entirely and love Him unconditionally.

Rethink your Approach

I was having a conversation with a friend recently who expressed the dread of having to speak with his superior at work. The gist of it was that his superior was a royal pain the butt, know it all who valued his own opinion more than anyone else's on his team. Sounds tough right? I am sure we've all had this kind of person in our life at some point or another. It's not easy, probably makes our skin crawl when presented with the challenge of speaking with this person and I think our predisposition is to go headlong into the bear trap without stopping first.

Sunday Reflection III

As it turns out the Sisters of Divine Providence is the organization that ran St. Vincent's Center, the place where I was adopted from which is now the location of Our Lady of Providence Seminary. I'll let that all sink in for a second before I continue.

Sunday Reflection II

After we've started to understand that we need to forgive in order to really move on from when someone has wronged us the next decision if they're a person who was present in our lives is ultimately whether or not this person gets a second chance to continue to be present in our life. One thing is certain and we should get this out of the way right now, it is impossible to give someone a real second chance without forgiving them.