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For someone who recently came back to the Catholic Church the past few weeks have been terribly difficult. I've spoken at length about what's been going on, but the latest news in the scandal regarding the Pope has me reeling. I've questioned everything the past couple weeks, and it seems like every time something new pops up I question everything all over again. How does one live like this? At what point do I say this is absolute madness? And I know the church is more about Christ and less about the people that run her but it's tough sometimes to get through the issues and realize that.


I've always lived a contemplative life, I just never realized it. I love the quiet that is found in contemplation. It draws me much closer to God and strengthens my relationship with him. I know what you're asking, surely I can't do this every morning and every night right? I try. There are some days I struggle through 30 minutes and other days where an hour is actually two or more. This keeps me humble and knowing that not every day can be perfect and that's okay.


I used to hold grudges, walk around mad at someone or a group of people who I felt wronged me, was poking fun at me, etc. I look back on it now and realize that it was all for nought. These days I take a much different approach. I had this lightning bolt moment a few weeks ago with the recurring theme of if Jesus forgives everything I do why shouldn't I forgive everything someone does against me? Who am I not to forgive? Who are we not to forgive? By not forgiving our neighbors for what they do are we proclaiming that we are somehow above the Lord in this regard? That's the third rail of religion for me friends (touch it and you die) and I'm not going there.