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Sometimes I need to write these letters to help myself get over self-imposed hurdles in my life. Yesterday was one such post. As I was getting ready to turn in for the night last night I took a mental inventory as I do every single night. This time though my mind filled up with all sorts of things and I quickly realized something that was defining my entire week. I was allowing all of these outside sources to rule my life for the past few days and I could feel the toxicity of all of that weighing down on me. At some point this week I threw my inner self aside and left myself open to being bent, stretched, pulled, pushed in all sorts of emotional directions that I wasn’t ok with.

I am tired

Last week I spoke about feeling like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. Today, even more than that day, I feel that way. I feel more tired than last time though. I have these blips on my radar lately that pick me up, make me smile, and help me to understand that life is great but the past few weeks have been trying mentally. The last thing I want is this to become a sob story and for you to feel bad for me. Quite the opposite in fact. I want you to know that it is ok to not feel amazing each and every single day.

Sunday Reflection X

Yesterday we started to explore awareness in regards to the forces from the people around us that influence our lives. Today we'll explore that notion a bit more and dive into why we care what others think about us. The need and search for acceptance among humans is quite strong. I'd argue that at this present point in time it's easily one of the top things that humanity spends far too much time on.

Maybe for awhile...

Our lives belong to no one else but us so why do we let so many people run our lives day in and day out? What makes so many people so weak that we lose our self-awareness and allow opinions and beliefs of others take over our being? What if we were so self-aware that we became impervious to the pressures of those around us? Would we be living in a state of bliss or do we need to have some influence from the outside world to shape who we are?