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You can have it all

So you have faith huh? Is that it though? Is that all you need to guarantee your spot in heaven when your time comes? Faith is an excellent first step, but we've got many more on our journey. You see, we need to not only believe in Him but also align our lives to follow Him. You can have it all my friends as long as it's wholly directed down the proper path.


I ponder the passion of Christ quite often. From praying in the garden of Gethsemane, his betrayal by Judas, his own disciples denying him, his arrest, trial, beatings and finally death on the cross. I tend to get caught up on one of the aspects and find myself meditating on it for days on end. Lately, I've been contemplating Jesus' betrayal by Judas.

Say Yes

I have been reflecting a lot lately about sin. Not that we're all sinners, because we are, but where on the spectrum we tend to fall. By spectrum, I mean original sin being at one end and Mary is at the other. We can make it a bit more simple and say that Adam & Eve were the ones who said no to God and Mary was the one who said yes, always.


I’ve been thinking a lot about how to properly start this Lenten project of writing every day and giving you something to think about. I keep coming back to one word: awareness. Specifically, I’ve been thinking about how we all should be aware of the actions we take voluntarily daily. Are those actions aligned towards the good or less good things? What do those actions say about us as a person?