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I am tired

Last week I spoke about feeling like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. Today, even more than that day, I feel that way. I feel more tired than last time though. I have these blips on my radar lately that pick me up, make me smile, and help me to understand that life is great but the past few weeks have been trying mentally. The last thing I want is this to become a sob story and for you to feel bad for me. Quite the opposite in fact. I want you to know that it is ok to not feel amazing each and every single day.

Thoughts on handling anxiety

I've always been fascinated with how we manage events in our lives when we know what's coming. The levels of anxiety that arise within us as we approach the deadline of whatever it is that we're about to be thrust into captivate me. I've always felt that humans could be better at managing their anxiety by coming to grips with their situation faster.


The past 24 hours have been fairly stressful to get through. Someone decided that they wanted to use my bank debit card to pay a bunch of their bills. Fun right? I did what most of us do when this happens...promptly freak out, collect my thoughts and called my bank. I called my bank because they're supposed to be the ones that make all of this right again, after all I'm a valued customer right? Turns out it was just made worse when I gave my bank a call. Thinking that this could be resolved easily I then find out that it actually can't. It takes time (up to 10 days) to resolve and all the while I get to sit here and watch the violations on my account just mock me. There were also customer service issues that came up: being told 3 different things by 3 different people is an major organizational failure to me.