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Inspiration: Who is the real you?

In this video you'll find some beautifully stitched together clips from interviews with Jim Carrey. Beyond the comedian Jim is a deep thinker who's been through quite a bit in his life. Through all the ups and downs Jim always moved through life making sure he was constantly aware of what was going on with the entire experience that life is.

Doubts, fears, success, love, hope & dreams. We're going to encounter these things all through our life and it's how we carry ourselves through those events that mold who we are. Enjoy.

What is with the ego?

What if for a moment you were to place yourself at the bottom of the ladder and everyone else above you? What do you envision might happen? What if you did this same thing each and every hour for the rest of your life but always added a second? You'd eventually get to the point where you would be putting everyone else above you at all times. Now imagine a world in which everyone did this same exact thing. Bliss.