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Perhaps my greatest struggle to date is surrendering my heart, body and soul over to God. There were a few reasons I felt the great desire to surrender:

  1. In order for me to properly discern this call to a priestly vocation I had to trust in God completely that he would lead me down the right path even though he writes straight with crooked lines. 

  2. When I came back to the church some months ago I had a deep desire for forgiveness. You need to understand that I went 18 years without going to church or confession regularly. And now that I look back and know that I had a calling 18 years ago that I shoved it off for such a long time I felt what was probably the deepest guilt that I had ever felt. I've since discovered that I shouldn't feel guilty and that all of this was part of the path I was always meant to go down. I never would have come to that understanding had I not surrendered.

  3. Peace and Joy are important pillars of my life. Without surrender one can never really achieve levels of peace and joy that make you feel fulfilled.