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Adventures in Teaching VIII: Fin!

As this summer session of religious formation class winds down I reflect on the past two weeks and all of the fruits found within. The implication that one cannot learn from those younger than them is a dangerous misnomer and one I would encourage you to shed if you believe such things. The blessings I have received over the past nine days have been numerous and beautiful.

Adventures in Teaching VI

There transpired moments today that I felt like I was pushing Jell-O up a hill. In other words, we were getting nowhere, and the discussions that were supposed to happen in my head weren't. This forced me to dig deep, hunker down and pivot to a new approach to get this bunch of seventh-graders to wake up from their weekend slumber and participate. I learned a lesson quickly today that you never know what each day is going to bring and as a teacher if you're unable to pivot into something that gets your class going problems are going to arise. 

Adventures in Teaching III & IV

Whether it is a group of college-aged students, adults or middle-schoolers even attempting to think the scales of knowledge tip mostly towards the professor would be an incorrect assessment. While the teacher might hold a specific greater knowledge about the particular lesson that is taught the students possess knowledge about a slew of other things that perhaps might prove invaluable. Therefore the proctor should never hold themselves in too high of esteem as to not be able to listen to the crowd of voices and the knowledge it contains. An open mind can usually correlate a classroom lesson to a happening in life where an equal or greater lesson was also learned.

Adventures in Teaching II

I continue to be amazed at the questions that are asked and the capacity of the class to answer the questions that their classmates bring up. One of the purposes for today was to make sure that we listen to each other, appreciate what is being shared and formulate an opinion to share about the thought.

Adventures in Teaching I

If you're reading this, then I survived and so did my class! Today was a learning experience for both myself and my class. They were all great, and I was consistently having my mind blown by the level of conversation we were able to have.

Sunday Reflection IV

For the next two weeks, I'll be teaching a group of 7th graders catechism at my church each morning. Initially, when I agreed to do this, I had a moment right afterward of "what did I just agree to?" However, that feeling soon passed and made way to excitement, discovery and lots of questions. It's made me look back on my faith, what I learned as a child, what I've learned as an adult and what I wish I knew then what I know now.