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Gone, Gone, Gone.

Time is not a renewable resource for us. From the very moment of our birth, we have been dying and time has been the enormous wave slowly creeping towards the shore, only to crash and dissipate at the end. Before you know it, you will be asking yourself where the days, months, and years went and the answer remains the same. Time was always there; you just took it for granted.

Work in Progress

I've been facilitating a prayer group during Lent at my home parish. It's based around Lectio Divina and strengthening our prayer life. After each hour-long session, I make sure I am available for questions from folks. I've noticed a consistent theme happening during these questions around having to do Lectio or whether or not the way a person currently prays is the right way or not. It's been fascinating to have these conversations, and I'd like to share some general thoughts today.

Leaves Fall & Grey Days

I have always been drawn to autumn. The changing of the leaves, the brisk mornings that are warmed up by the sun, and the grey days where time seems to slow down all put a smile on my face. The changing of the seasons have always been essential marks for me throughout the year. Times to check back on the past few months and consider the next few months. But autumn sits as the most important season for me, and I've begun to wonder why that is.

Dust to Dust

There are very few things more certain than life than the fact that time will always keep ticking whether we like it or not. Time doesn't care about you or me and operates entirely independently of everything else in this universe. While these concepts might sound like no-brainers have you ever stopped to think about the idea of time in depth?


The truth however painful or scary it may be is that we're all going to die. I used to think that the reason I was scared of dying is because I wouldn't be here anymore and that I'd miss the next thing. I couldn't have been more wrong. The reason I was scared of dying was because I was worried about those I was leaving behind losing someone they knew they could always talk to that would listen, make time for them (whenever) and just be there and be present for them in their lives. While this wasn't an incorrect line of thought it still wasn't the reason I was scared of dying. I was actually so scared of dying because I never truly started living my life until a few months ago.