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I’ve been thinking a lot about how to properly start this Lenten project of writing every day and giving you something to think about. I keep coming back to one word: awareness. Specifically, I’ve been thinking about how we all should be aware of the actions we take voluntarily daily. Are those actions aligned towards the good or less good things? What do those actions say about us as a person?

You can move mountains

There’s something so special and powerful about the human brain. It’s also scary as all get out. The fact that our brains rule over us with so much force is astounding if you think about it. Though, we can control it and when we learn how we can move mountains. It’s such a powerful tool that in the right hands one can unlock the world that’s been in front of them. How many of you go through the day being fine with where you are in life and not truly considering how much greater you could be?

What if.

How would you live your life right now if you knew that it was all a dream? Would you change anything? How far would you reach beyond where you're at right now? Why aren't you living that life right now? How far would you go until you came back to where you are right now?

Wake up. It's time.